Kautschuk Rubber
Kautschuk Rubber
Natural rubber, also known as gum, is an elastic material. It is derived from the latex sap of the rubber tree and is a vital resource for manufacturing various products, such as tires, hoses, and soles. Natural rubber possesses high elasticity and flexibility, making it stretchable and resilient. Kautschuk is a renewable and biodegradable resource and therefore an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic rubber. Rubber trees mainly grow in tropical regions, particularly throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. They thrive in moist and warm climates and prefer nutrient-rich soils. The majority of rubber plantations are located in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The trees are tapped for their latex sap either at the base of the trunk or on branches. The sap is collected in containers and processed into a substance finally processed into natural rubber products. more



Arno Wandel is the collaborative project of the two brothers, Baldouin and Timo Bee, along with their friend Leon Beck. With a background in Architecture and Cabinet Making we question the way we perform our daily rituals, what we need, and how we create things. Our work is about slowing down. It all begins with the joy of making useful things, essential instruments for everyday use. We create objects we miss with the ambition that they outlive the trees they are made of. What drives us is the power of the essential in working with objects and space playfully.

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We Care

Aligned with the principles of Cradle-to-Cradle, we work with biodegradable or fully recyclable resources. Therefore, we construct our products without chemicals or composite materials. Our Products are solid or detachable and ready to be reused or reunited with Mother Earth. Each of our pieces is handcrafted by Lucian Kopp, our skilled and dedicated cabinetmaker, with the help of contemporary tools and technologies in the far south of Germany, Bodensee. We are committed to continuously improving our sourcing of materials and production processes.